This is a Historic Economic Proposal — Changes Everything

Income Reengineering represents an extremely forward thinking and aggressive economic stimulant that can rival the Industrial revolution in scope. Let’s start with an excerpt from an article in the HuffingtonPost:


So how about it, President Obama, why nor advocate for broadened ownership of the FUTURE wealth-creating, income-producing capital assets of corporations growing the economy so that EVERY child, woman and man can benefit as an OWNER and secure a source of income produced by the non-human assets of corporate production? In this way we can put America on a path to prosperity, opportunity and economic justice as we build a future economy that can support general affluence for EVERY American and eliminate over time the wide economic inequality that the present system facilitates. Source:


The Income Reengineering Process serves as a transitional bridge that can bring this notion of broadened ownership into fruition ..and do it in a big way. Building and running this transitional bridge is the economic stimulant that could rival the industrial revolution in scope.



The Income Reengineering Process is an aggressive and systematic transition of the masses leading away from the age old limitations of hourly wages and salaries toward a new era of worker ownership. This is not traditional worker ownership where workers co-own with public stockholders. Under the new Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM), workers and the originating entrepreneur own 100% of the their productive efforts. In other words, workers are financially empowered employees who own 100% of their workplace productivity instead of just renting their workplace productivity for an hourly wage or salary.


The Economic Stimulant: Building the Transitional Bridge

Under the hood, Income Reengineering is a large scale business development and wealth building phenomenon propelled by large scale, peer to peer collaboration among grassroots individuals. We use the power of peer to peer collaboration and social production to completely bypass all traditional stumbling blocks to wealth and capital and deliver a new crop of capital and wealth building resources to the general public over the internet. As delivery of these new wealth and capital resources grows and expands, we effectively build this transitional bridge, ignite a massive economic expansion and dramatically improve the aggregate standard of living for the masses.


Developing and delivering new wealth building assets to the general public is the key. Think about it. Most people know they can’t build wealth and get ahead working a traditional job. So, why do most people still work jobs and live paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings. Ans: Most people have limited access to capital and other wealth producing assets and traditional jobs are the only option.


Central to this is the fact traditional banks and venture capitalist make it extremely difficult for start-up entrepreneurs to secure capital and break out of the J.O.B. box. On the other hand, given that most start up entrepreneurs fail, banks and venture capitalist are well served by putting up such stringent access to capital.


The Income Reengineering process opens the box and solves the problem for both start-up entrepreneurs and would be venture capitalist. As a consequence, we build the transitional bridge and deliver a new crop of wealth and capital to the general public via the internet.


How Do We Solve the Problem? A Simple View of this Transitional Bridge

The Income Reengineering Process (i.e. transitional bridge) is an extremely comprehensive endeavor. There are many pieces of the puzzle and it grows and expands across four (4) stages of operations. This said, here is a very simple view of a mature Stage III:


  • Step #1: Let’s say you want to make a workplace transition from a wage/salary based employee to working full time as an empowered employee. After studying and understanding the Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM), you are prepared to forgo hourly wages and salaries in lieu of productivity and ownership based compensation;


  • Step #2: Your next step is to write resume and secure a position with a functioning EECM enterprise (note: by the time the Income Reengineering Process reaching Stage III, there will be thousands of EECM enterprises funded and operational and 100% owned and operated by empowered employees);


  • Step #3: Once accepted into an EECM enterprise, you can access the Virtual Income Machine resources and get funds to paydown bills, build-up saving and build a comfortable financial foundation away from paycheck to paycheck dependence. These funds are leveraged against your performance on the job and you do not have to pay it back out of pocket. Nor do any traditional credit or collateral concerns apply. Once you get the job, you get the funds;


  • Step #4: Once you have the proper financial foundation, you can tap into the Virtual Income Machine resources and secure capital to buy an ownership position at the EECM enterprise who hired you if required (some will not require it).  Again, these funds are leveraged against your performance on the job and you do not have to pay it back out of pocket. Nor do any traditional credit or collateral concerns apply. Once you get the job, you get the funds.


  • Step #5: You start work in an EECM enterprise. You earn immediate income in the form of Productivity Based Compensation while you build wealth through your ownership equity and Residual Income Equity Benefit. In other words, you show up for work to build wealth not just to earn a paycheck to paycheck living. If you change job, you cash out from one EECM enterprise and invest in your new EECM enterprise position.


Now, what key problem solving points should you remember from this Step #1 through Step #5 scenario?


  • If you apply for and secure a job with an EECM enterprise, you get capital. Traditional stumbling blocks such as credit and collateral doesn’t apply.


  • Working for a EECM is like running your own business while on the job. Your business is to apply your capital, professional knowledge, expertise and skill sets to help run the EECM enterprise you co-own.


  • Now, how many people today can write a resume and get a job. This means, as the Income Reengineeering Process expands and matures, the average worker can write a resume, secure a job with an EECM enterprise, secure capital and build wealth on the job over time as a co-owner of the enterprise they work for.


In other works, people will be in a position to own their own productive efforts, which is key to building wealth. 



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