IRBDN Entrepreneurial Incubators

As a part time entrepreneur and IRBDN member, you can work within one or more of the following entrepreneurial incubators depending on your area of expertise and area of professional interest:


  • Originating Partner Incubator;
  • Consulting Partner Incubator;
  • EECM Partner Incubator
  • Development Partner Incubator
  • Corporate Partners Incubator
  • Staffing Partner Incubator


Just think of a company where various employees perform different functions to produce a product or service. The same applies here, except these incubators represent part time entrepreneurs performing different functions part time to conduct the Income Reengineering Process.


Let’s take a look at each one:


Originating Partners

Upon the launch of Stage I, there will be thousands upon thousands of individuals looking to work online part time where they can earn immediate income and build wealth according to the compensation noted by the Income Reengineering mission. As an Originating Partner, it’s up to you and other Originating Partners to brainstorm, conceptualize and write the business plans necessary to deliver these online work positions,  Your plan must meet the following general qualifications:


  • Your plan must call for the formation of a company/enterprise that produces a valid product or service;


  • Staff positions must be accessible online and facilitate part time work;


  • The company/enterprise must be 100% owned by you, as the Originating entrepreneur, and your part time staffers;


  • You pay part time staffers in the form of productivity based compensation, ownership equity and residual income equity benefits as defined according to the Income Reengineering Mission;


  • You get paid a fee each time you complete preset milestones in your brainstorming and business writing process. In other words, you get paid to work on your own business plan;


  • Plus, you will get plenty of help from the IRBDN management team to do it;


  • When complete, your efforts will be crowdfunded anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000,000 depending on your project needs using crowdfunding resources discussed in the previous section;


  • Once your enterprise produce a product or service, the IRBDN system will market and promote that product or service to a massive captive audience of IRBDN supporters, at no cost to you, where you can possibly get millions per month visiting your website, which could mean millions in revenue for you and your part time staffers;


  • You will get plenty of help from the IRBDN management team and participating consultants;


  • You will get a lot of exposure as an Originating Partner. So, in addition to your Originating partner duties, you will have opportunities for self-promotion and the promotion of your primary business or entrepreneurial endeavor.


Consulting Partners

As a consulting partner:


  • You will use your expertise to consult and collaborate with Originating Partners and help them grow and expand business;


  • You will engage Originating Partners once they are crowdfunded where Originating Partners will pay you a negotiated fee using seed capital they raise via crowdfunding;


  • You can also use this incubator to promote your primary business, especially if it’s related to the consulting services you will offer to Originating Partners.


EECM Partners

As an EECM:

  • You set-up a resume and professional profile in the IRBDN system and position yourself professionally as a part time online entrepreneur, independent contractor or consultant or looking to be hired by originating partners;


  • Once hired by an Originating Partner, you earn income by working within your current career field, field of expertise or area of business interest (i.e. accountant, engineer, project manager, administrative support or whatever);


  • You earn multiple income streams in the form of productivity based compensation (fee for services), ownership equity and/or residual income equity benefits as negotiated between you and Originating Partners. Thousands upon thousands of EECM positions are or will be available upon the launch of Stage I of IRBDN operations. Note: EECM stands for the Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM), which is the workplace model taught under the Income Reengineering Vision. The EECM Partner Incubator represents an early online version of this workplace model.


Corporate Partners

As a Corporate Partner:


  • If you are a home business owner, small business owner or CEO of a company or corporation with a product or service you provide, you can position your company as an outsourcing or integration solution for originating partners within your product or service niche;


  • You earn your income by selling your product or service under the business or marketing umbrella you set-up with Originating Partners.


Development Partners

As a Development Partner:


  • You help Originating Partner develop their business plans prior to crowdfunding;


  • By doing so, you can secure lucrative co-ownership or EECM partner positions before the positions are announced to other potential EECM partners.


Staffing Partners

As a Staffing Partner, you can generate an extremely lucrative monthly income by finding and referring other qualified entrepreneurs and professionals to the Income Reengineering Business Development Network (IRBDN).  You can earn up to 4 income sources with some sources carrying multiple income streams.


Entrepreneurs staffing these incubators work together as a team to conduct and carryout IRBDN Operations. For further and follow-on review of the Income Reengineering Principles, learn more about the Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM).