Could Income Reengineering principles and processes be the engine for the occupy wall street movement?

Occupy Wall Street protesters rally in a small park on Canal Street in New York, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011. Police officers evicted the protesters from their base in Zuccotti Park overnight. The National Lawyers Guild obtained a court order allowing the protesters to return with their tents to the park, where they have camped for two months. The guild said the injunction prevents the city from enforcing park rules on the protesters. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Direct action and protesting is an obsolete and ineffective method of addressing wealth inequality and the other mission objectives associated with the occupy wall street movement.   Income Reengineering principles and processes represent a large scale economic and wealth building solution that could serve as an effective engine for the movement.


I’m a believer in the Occupy Wall Street movement. However, I’m not an active participant in the movement because I think direct action and protesting is obsolete and a completely ineffective method of addressing the issue.


Of course, as a result of the Sept 2011 protest in NYC, the movement got much televised coverage and exposure worldwide. However, the economic impact from that exposure is non-existent today; at least in the eyes of the mainstream, corporate america and the government. The same wealth inequality, political corruption and corporate influence in government still exist today, except worst.


Even one of the co-creators of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Dr Micah White, is thinking along the same lines as he calls for the End of Protest.  As I understand it, his new views has to do with redirecting social activism from direct action or protect to creating a social movement that harnesses political power to affect political change. In my humble opinion, this line of thinking also misses the mark.


I think we need a realistic and viable economic and wealth building movement, not just another social movement. This brings up to the concept of Income Reengineering and the associated principles and processes.


Income Reengineering principles and process may be the solution


Let’s start by reviewing the Income Reengineering vision and the Income Reengineering Process, which are foundational to Income Reengineering principles and processes:


Income Reengineering Vision

Eliminate paycheck to paycheck dependence on a large scale and shift employee thinking and focus away from just “earning a paycheck” to running their own business under the roof of employers with the support of employers. The resulting workplace compensation model is called the Empowered Employee Compensation Model or EECM.  The EECM replaces hourly wages and salaries with ten (10) new income resources and benefits with the potential to usher in a 3-fold increase in the aggregate standard of living for both employees and employers.



The Income Reengineering Process

The Income Reengineering Process is the real time, collaborative and interactive economic research into how to apply the internet and other information technology to aggressively and systematically integrate entrepreneurship and wealth focused principles, processes and compensation models into the mainstream workplace to the point where we make the Income Reengineering Vision a reality in the mainstream workplace.


Ok. Let’s unpack this:


  • First of all, the phrase economic research noted in the definition of the Income Reengineering process has to do with field testing, evaluating and research the application of large scale peer to peer collaboration and co-creation methodologies to carryout the rudiments of the Income Reengineering process;


  • For this application, peer to peer collaboration and co-creation refers to a large network of grassroots individuals work together online part time to create new income production and wealth building solutions completely independent of any corporate, banks, venture capitalist or government influence. For example, what if you and 1 million of your peers team up online to conduct the Income Reengineering process to ultimately bring the Income Reengineering vision to life.  Each of you donate, say $10/month, to help fund peer to peer operations. That’s $10 million/month going toward funding specific business plans required to run the Income Reengineering process as defined above;


  • In actuality, peer to peer operations take place according to a four (4) stage business plan where each stage has a very specific and unique crowdfunding solution …all specifically designed to run the income reengineering process as required to bring the Income Reengineering vision to life;


  • Under the hood of operations, grassroots participants will work online part time within their field of expertise or field of professional interest, earn immediate income, build ownership equity and build wealth. Eventually, people can use this new income and wealth to comfortably pay down bills, build up savings and generally build a financial foundation leading away from paycheck to paycheck dependence.  This is what we mean by eliminating paycheck to paycheck dependence on a large scale under the definition of the Income Reengineering vision. Peer to peer operations are designed to accommodate millions. All people need is an internet connection and willingness to learn;


  • Over time, millions will be in a financial position to comfortably say WHY WORK FOR A MERE WAGE IF I KNOW LONGER HAVE TO. When this happen, the Income Reengineering Process encourages individuals to collaborate among themselves and form new companies and enterprises that are 100% owned by workers —no outside investors, stockholders or venture capitalist.  The system will crowdfund these new start-ups with seed capital. These new enterprises will have a powerful competitive advantage since they can operate without paying employees hourly wages and salaries. Remember, because of the steps above, all employees can comfortably forgo hourly wages and salaries in lieu of productivity based compensation (fee for real tine production) and ownership based compensation. In other words, people can show-up for work to build wealth, not just earn a paycheck to paycheck living as noted in the Income Reengineering vision;


  • As these trends continue and the process create and crowd funds thousands, eventually millions of these new co-owned enterprise, traditional companies and corporations will have to convert to this co-ownership model or a similar one in order to attract and retain qualified workers.  This step solidifies the vision on a large scale and underwrite a true economic and wealth building revolution;


  • As the Income Reengineering vision comes alive, we solve the income and wealth inequality problem. As noted, under the vision, employees are co-owners in collaboration with employers. Co-ownership means wealth where people show up for work to build wealth, not just to earn a paycheck to paycheck living as we know today. It could mean a 3-fold increase the aggregate standard of living; and


  • Over time, as more and more people become co-owners, the political landscape changes dramatically where this massive number of co-owners can easily form a voting block, elect and put into office representatives who will champion their concerns. This makes it easier to address political corruption and corporate influence of government concerns. The beauty here is that corporate concerns are also concerns of employees as co-owners. So, a whole new economic and political dynamic will evolve.


Now, of course, this is just a broad stroke overview. Many details are involved.  But, hopefully you can see how Income Reengineering principles and processes or some version of it can be used as an aggressive and targeted economic mission/vision that serve as the engine for the OWS message.


Learn More

If you wish to explore this Income Reengineering phenomenon further and possibly participate in it, start by reviewing this article:  This Economic Research will lead to a new source of income production, economic prosperity and wealth for ALL.




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