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If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, join the IRBDN Development Team and help lay the foundation for the launch of a new economic era of prosperity for the middle class.  The benefits to you are astronomical.  Take a look:


  • Benefit #1: Get paid to write special business plans for a new entrepreneurial think tank called the IRBDN Development Team. You will get plenty of help and support. In essence, you will get paid to plan a business that you will own;


  • Benefit #2: Once you have a finished and approved business plan, you can use the IRBDN network to raise up to $1,000,000 in crowdfunding dollars to fund your plan;


  • Benefit #3: Once funded, you can staff your new business with entrepreneurs and professionals who are members of the IRBDN. You will have a special business networking relationship with this group;


  • Benefit #4: Once you and your staff produce a product or service, the IRBDN network will market that product or service to millions of IRBDN supporters at no out of pocket cost to you; and


  • Benefit #5: Starting IMMEDIATELY, while you brainstorm and work on your business plan under Benefit #1, you can build multiple lucrative residual income sources simply by referring other entrepreneurs to the IRBDN Development Team. Based on conservative projections, if you apply a consistent effort here, you will have at least $15,000/month of residual income coming in on autopilot by the time your business plan is funded under Benefit #2.


All you need is a willingness to learn. Go here to learn more.

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Dwight B. Chestnut is an ex-engineer turned business consultant and entrepreneur. His core focus and passion is developing, introducing and teaching Income Reengineering Principles and Processes to the general and business public.
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