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NEW BENEFITS FOR ENTREPRENEURS: A new and freely accessible entrepreneurial incubator is launching with the goal of delivering 7 powerful and lucrative entrepreneurial benefits to aspiring and established entrepreneurs.  So, which one of the entrepreneurial benefits listed below do you like the most?


This incubator is called the Income Reengineering Business Development Network (IRBDN).  Take a look:


  • Benefit #1: You get paid to write a business plan for your own business


  • Benefit #2: Once you have a finished and approved business plan, you can use the IRBDN network to crowdfund your plan;


  • Benefit #3: Once funded, you can staff your new business with entrepreneurs and professionals who are members of the IRBDN. You will have a special business networking relationship with this group;


  • Benefit #4: Once you and your staff produce a product or service, the IRBDN network will market that product or service to millions of IRBDN supporters at no out of pocket cost to you; and


  • Benefit #5: Work online part time working within your field of expertise or area of professional interest. You earn immediate income while building wealth through lucrative ownership based compensation such as ownership equity and a new wealth building resource called the residual income equity benefit


  • Benefit #6 (Educational Benefit): Learn how Benefit #1 thru Benefit #5 represent early building blocks to a big picture economic vision that can significantly improve the standard of living for the masses.


  • Benefit #7: Earn immediate and long term residual income simply by referring others to a free IRBDN membership.


The Income Reegineeneering Business Development Network (IRBDN) is best defined as a large scale peer to peer incubator where entrepreneurs and professionals interact and collaborate online to bring the benefits to life. All peer to peer collaborative activities take place according to a comprehensive four (4) stage business plan where each stage is funded by a unique crowdfunding solution.


In other words, everything about this system grows and expands from ground up. We do not rely on any traditional banks, venture capitalist, non-profits or corporate institutions.


We are in the early and infancy stages of development where the benefits will come online slowly, but consistently. We are always looking for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, individuals and professionals who want to learn, participate, earn and grow their business under the umbrella of the IRBDN incubator. You can easily participate and engage this system part time online.


To move forward and learn more, choose from these two options:



  • Option #2 (Go straight to operations and the benefits): Skip the conceptual part and go straight to the operational overview of IRBDN where you can dig deeper into Benefit #1 thru Benefit #7.  To move forward here, click here, register and complete the IRBDN overview.


Choose an option and move forward.

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Dwight B. Chestnut is an ex-engineer turned business consultant and entrepreneur. His core focus and passion is developing, introducing and teaching Income Reengineering Principles and Processes to the general and business public.
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