ECFCS: Evolution in the Creation of New Home Based Business Opportunities

new home based business opportunities

An evolution in the creation of new home based business opportunities is here.  It’s called the Empowered the Crowd First Crowdfunding System (ECFCS).  Be one of the first to benefit.

ECFCS stands for Empower the Crowd First Crowdfunding System (ECFCS).  If you are familiar with crowdfunding, on the surface, Empower the Crowd First Crowdfunding (ECFCS)  doesn’t make any sense. But, when you dig in and learn how it works, you will see the dawn of an evolutionary leap in the aggressive and continuous creation of new home based business opportunities.

What is ECFCS

Consider the following:

  • With traditional crowdfunding, individuals in the crowd come out of pocket to donate/invest in entrepreneurial projects presented by fundraising entrepreneurs. With ECFCS, the crowd uses the ECFCS system to earn a significant part time income first and then donate or give back a percentage of the funds they earned to support fundraisers. In other words, the crowd is financially empowered first and then the crowd is motivated to give back to the system. The
  • Once the entrepreneurs funded by ECFCS are funded, they are then strongly encouraged, but not legally required to outsource work to the entrepreneurs and independent contractors participating within the ECFCS system. This builds continuous collaboration and mutually beneficial synergy among all participating individuals, entrepreneurs and new home based business opportunity seekers.
  • Once the funded entrepreneurs and their teams begin earning income,  they join the empowered crowd who, will in turn, donate/re-invest back to the system to help crowd fund other entrepreneurs. From this point on, the ECFCS system feeds on itself, grows and expands continuously encouraging the creation and funding countless new home based business opportunities.
  • Now, to jump start the system or get the ball rolling, the ECFCS system management team will pick and choose one or more home based business opportunities to jump start the jump start.  This opportunity will be a simple, but powered part time opportunity that’s easy for early participants to dive into part time, earn immediate income and then donate a percentage back to jump start the system.   Jump starting is required to created the first empowered crowd.

This is ECFCS in a nutshell.

Just Think Mass Collabortion

As you can see, the ECFCS model is a mass collaboration model where thousands of entrepreneurs, independent contractors, consultants and/or new home based business opportunity seekers collaborate under one umbrella to earn income, crowdfund new businesses and those new businesses turn around and create new work and entrepreneurial opportunities for the entrepreneurs and independent contractors working under the umbrella.

Implementing ECFCS

Again, think mass collaboration. The more entrepreneurs and home based business opportunity seekers are involved, the best the system will work.  For this reason, the best way to implement ECFCS is as a part of a much larger economic vision. This vision need to have enough economic juice to attract a large number of interested participants

The vision we use is the Income Reengineering Vision, which is carryout by a membership based organization called the Income Reengineering Business Development Network (IRBDN).  Therefore, ECFCS is operates under the umbrella of IRBDN. As you can see below, ECFCS is positioned as a Stage II crowdfunding resource in the IRBDN operational business plan:

  • Prelaunch Phase I (Early Introduction): Traditional crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc);
  • Prelaunch Phase II (Early Operations): Empower the Crowd First Crowdfunding System (ECFCS) — startup
  • Stage I (Early Growth and Development): Empower the Crowd First Crowdfunding System (ECFCS) — main
  • Stage II (Building the Foundation): The Gradual Entrepreneurial Allocated Resource System (G.E.A.R.S.);
  • Stage III (Main Operations): The Virtual Income Machines (Virtual Wages, Virtual Dividends, Virtual Bonds and Virtual Stocks);
  • Stage IV (Corporate Integration): Corporate restructuring and reengineering toward promoting entrepreneurship, worker ownership and wealth building in the mainstream workplace.

From this, you see that ECFCS is effectively a stepping stone to a larger, more powerful crowdfunding and funding solutions designed to encourage, promote, advance and create a multitude of new home based business opportunities.

Your Next Step

To follow up and learn more about this ECFCS system and how we launch it, start with the Home Business Think Tank (HBTT).  HBTT is a prelaunch promoting portal that will ultimately lead to the  creation and growth of the ECFCS model. If you choose to, you can get involved with HBTT and start earning IMMEDIATE income while helping us lay the foundation for ECFCS.  Learn more and get started NOW.

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