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At it's core, Income Reengineering is an economic research as defined below:

The Definition of the Income Reengineering Process
The Income Reengineering Process is defined as: The real time, collaborative and interactive economic research into how to apply large scale, internet center collaboration and other information technology to aggressively and systematically integrate entrepreneurship and wealth focused principles, processes and compensation models into the mainstream workplace to the point where we eliminate paycheck to paycheck dependence on a large scale and shift employee thinking and focus away from just "earning a paycheck" to running their own business under the roof of employers with the support of employers. The resulting workplace compensation model is called the Empowered Employee Compensation Model or EECM. The EECM replaces hourly wages and salaries with ten (10) new income resources and benefits with the potential to usher in a 3-fold increase in the aggregate standard of living for both employees and employers.

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